Posted on 2016-07-15 by flaci on Decoration

The Three Graces

The 3 Graces
Szatyor Bar and Gallery
Wall decoration for Szatyor bar and gallery. We made it in collaboration with János Rédai Jr. and Csilla Szabó, during the making of the bar. 300×200 cm, screen printing emulsion, aquvarell, lack.
During the making of The 3 Graces, we painted the whole surface with photoemulsion, virtually we made a three meters by two meters „photopaper”. János is collecting old photo negatives, so we could select from plenty of pictures. We chose one of them, on which you can see three ladies in swimming dresses from the beginning of the 20th century. After some digital rework we enlarged the old negative onto 30 A3 sized transparent foils which we could unfold onto the wall, and lighten them.


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